9 reasons a second Mixing Bowl will change your life

We are thrilled to offer an un-bowl-ievable offer – a free second Mixing Bowl with the purchase of a Thermomix® TM6® from May 30 through June 30, 2022, or while supplies last. Valued at $199 – this is our Best. Gift. Ever. Contact your Thermomix® Independent Consultant to learn more. Hint: Father’s Day is June 19!

What is a Thermomix® TM6®

The Thermomix® TM6® is the do-it-all countertop appliance that saves you time, money, and effort. Weigh chop, blend, mix, cook, peel and more with the help of the versatile kitchen assistant. The Thermomix® TM6® connects to Wi-Fi for seamless access to Cookidoo®, a digital database of more than 70,000 guided cooking recipes developed for the Thermomix®. Follow the recipe’s pre-set time, temperature, and speed settings for foolproof and delicious results every time. Plus, you’ll receive over-the-air updates that take the TM6® from a static gadget to a mealtime game-changer. No wonder it’s been called the “Tesla of kitchen appliances” by Mashable.

The stainless-steel Mixing Bowl is the heart of the Thermomix TM6. The 2.3-quart vessel houses the integrated heating system and temperature sensor and connects the powerful mixing knife and motor. From homemade Oat Milk to Lemon Rosemary Chicken and Rice, you’ll use the Mixing Bowl no matter what you decide to prepare.

Why do you need a second Mixing Bowl?

Having a second Mixing Bowl is *almost* as useful as a second Thermomix!

1. Less dishes Yes, the Mixing Bowl is dishwasher safe, and yes, the pre-clean Mode IS incredible, but sometimes you just want to keep cooking without stopping to wash the bowl. Some call it lazy – we call it smart. Less dishes = more time doing the things we actually enjoy.

2. Allergen safety Avoid cross-contamination when cooking for special dietary requirements using one bowl for those recipes specifically.

3. DIY pantry staples Make ingredients from scratch – mill almond flour, icing sugar or grate Parmesan cheese without stopping the flow of your recipe.

4. Keep it clean A sparkling clean bowl is a secret to fluffy whipped egg whites and meringue. Use your second bowl to whip your egg whites and keep your first to continue with the rest of the recipe.

5. Save time Cooking takes half the time with two bowls on the go, with no need to stop and wash up between recipes.

6. Batch Cooking in one day for the week

7. Dough rest If you look at all the elaborations of fermented doughs, bread, pizza, brioche, the ideal is to let the dough ferment inside the bowl in which it has been prepared. First, because it maintains the ideal temperature and, second, because we can control the increase in volume. This process can be too long and prevents us from cooking another recipe immediately.

8. Cold bowl There are preparations such as whipping cream that require the bowl to be cold to obtain an optimal result.

9. Finishing touches Emulsify a quick and easy dressing in your second bowl to take your yur steamed veggies to the next level.

What’s included with the Second Mixing Bowl?

Your second Mixing Bowl gift-with-purchase includes:

· Stainless-steel bowl with handle

· Bowl base Mixing Knife

· Lid with seal

· Measuring Cup

Two Bowl Recipe Inspiration

The Dynamic Duo collection on Cookidoo® is filled with delicious, guided cooking recipes that are optimized for two Mixing Bowls. Recipes like White Pesto Pasta, Tequila Sour and Banana Cream Pie with Wafer Crust can be made with one bowl, but are faster to prepare when you have a second Mixing Bowl to swap in. That’s the second bowl advantage! The collection is available on cookidoo.ca.

Our Best. Gift. Ever.

This incredible gift-with-purchase deal is only available through June 30, or while supplies last. Contact your Thermomix® Independent Consultant to purchase, or connect with one here: https://www.thermomix.ca/experience-online/

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