The New Momtrepreneurs: How 4 Women Run a Business From Their Kitchen

When a family sits together and shares beautiful memories around the dinner table, we know that we’ve fulfilled our mission at Thermomix: to be an essential part of your household. This month we want to celebrate the special moms, grandmas, and women in our lives on this upcoming Mother’s Day. Don’t look too far, you can make her smile with a homemade meal made with your Thermomix! Hear the stories of four hard-working moms and business owners, Thermomix Independent Consultants, Elza Pereira based in Edmonton, AB; Linda Chau based in Vancouver, BC, Cynthia Girard based in Montreal, QC, and Renée Henry based in Montreal, QC.


Elza Pereira

Thermomix Independent Consultant (@cook_it_by_elza)

Elza was born in Canada and raised in a Portuguese family. She is part of the Edmonton Thermomix Independent Consultants team, and she offers cooking classes in English and Portuguese to her Thermomix clients. Her team truly speaks to Canada’s multicultural side, as Consultants offer Cooking Experience classes in English, Portuguese,  French, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, and Chinese!

Q: Which Thermomix feature made your life easier? 

A: As a mom and business owner, Thermomix makes my life easier every day and saves me a lot of time by feeding my family healthy, delicious, and fresh food. I now save time by planning our weekly menus, using step-by-step guided cooking, and taking advantage of the pre-cleaning mode. The Thermomix allows me to spend more time doing the things I love with my family.

Q: How has Thermomix made an impact in your life since becoming a mother? 

Elza enjoys a flexible work schedule

A: Becoming a Thermomix consultant is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made; I turned my passion for cooking into a career. I enjoy making a positive impact in people’s lives by teaching them about having a healthy lifestyle. Running my Thermomix business gives me the flexibility that I need to be a mom of two active boys. While my boys are busy at soccer; I can run my business from my car or from the soccer pitch. Where else can we find this flexible schedule in a job?

Q: What is your favourite Mother’s Day tradition? 

A: We love cooking together as a family, everyone has their own special recipe. My older son, Goncalo, is an expert at making fresh pasta; my younger son, Rafael, is an expert in smoothies. They love cooking and enjoy the tasty fresh food they make. As a mom, I feel proud that my children understand the difference between food and good food. Cooking seems to be a passion that runs in the family.

Elza and her sons Goncalo and Rafael all Thermomix homecooks!

Q: Why did you decide to join the Thermomix community?  

A: I became an Independent Consultant because of the flexible schedule and opportunities to grow in the company. I love my team, the Thermomix community, and the business. This business allows me to be my own boss and manage my own schedule!

Linda Chau

Thermomix Independent Consultant (@kidsleadingkids)

Q: Which Thermomix feature made your life easier? 

A: The Thermomix has many functions that we just can’t live without! The kneading function stands out for me, as a Mother, because my family loves bread. Kneading the dough manually is normally super tiring and takes so much time. Thanks to the Thermomix, now I can bake all kinds of bread dough, whether it’s baked or steamed.

Q: How has Thermomix made an impact in your life since becoming a mother? 

A: As a busy mother of two kids, I rely on my Thermomix to cook while I’m doing other house chores.  I especially love the guided cooking with an integrated scale and time, even my kids can help me put together a gourmet meal without me nagging them.



Linda with her family

Q: What’s your favorite recipe to cook for your kids? Or, do you have a favorite recipe from your mom? 

A: Our favourite recipe is the Tomatoe-egg soup in Cookidoo. During my Cooking Experience classes, I use it all the time plus my kids are never sick of it! My favourite recipe from my mom is the XO Sauce and I only learned how to make it until I decided to own a Thermomix.

Linda’s son, Ethan, cooking with the Thermomix!

Get Linda’s family favourite recipes exclusively on Cookidoo:

Tomatoe-Egg Soup

XO Sauce


Q: What is your favourite Mother’s Day tradition? 

A: My favourite Mother’s Day tradition is honouring our mothers by cooking and baking for them. Now, I can also enjoy a decent meal prepared by my kids.

Cheesecake Cooking Experience by Linda

Q: Why did you decide to join the Thermomix community?  

A: I became a Thermomix Independent Consultant because I wanted to show all my families and friends how easy it is to make a gourmet meal in no time. I also love expanding my circles.







Cynthia Girard

Thermomix Independent Consultant – Quebec (@cynthiaetsonthermomix)

Q: Which Thermomix feature made your life easier? 

A: I love my new Thermomix because it saves me money and most importantly, cooks meals that are worth being in the best restaurants! With the Thermomix, what fascinates me is that no matter what meal I prepare, I can make sure that we will eat all the vitamins and minerals that we need as we can control the cooking results and time on Cookidoo.


The functions that I use the most are Blending (for juices and smoothies), Kettle (for my Matcha latte and all my herbal teas), Sous-vide (salmon, meat, fruits, and vegetables), Fermentation (for my coconut milk yogurt) and of course Pre-Cleaning!

Q: How has Thermomix made an impact in your life since becoming a mother? 

A: I have two wonderful children ages 8 and 5 (Amy and Aidan). The Thermomix has completely changed my life because it allows me to make healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals. Plus, most of the full meals that I make on weekdays take me around 5 to 20 minutes to prepare and cook another 20 to 30 minutes – giving me more time back to spend with my kids. My philosophy is: your food is your medicine! So wherever possible, I always make sure that the quality of ingredients is non-processed, chemical-free, natural, and with no additives.

My children are my most precious gift in the world and my biggest wish is their health. With my Thermomix, I am convinced that I am offering them the best in food and I have proof! We are very healthy and we are not taking any medicine. Of course, regularly I make juices and smoothies that help my little family’s immune system!

Q: Why did you decide to join the Thermomix community?  

A: Since the day I received my first Thermomix TM5, I told myself that one day I will become a consultant. I found out that I was allergic to gluten and dairy in 2016. I’ve always been an epicurean at heart so this news was quite shocking. Those who are on the same boat, they know that eating gluten and dairy-free is very difficult, if not nearly impossible, and especially when you want to move away from processed foods.

The gluten-free products that are in our Canadian grocery stores are not necessarily healthy and above all, they do not taste very good. So after more than a year of “food sadness,” I finally found the solution!

In 2018, I finally found true happiness in the kitchen with my Thermomix. Finally, everything I cooked was unanimous in my family! It’s so easy to cook gluten-free and dairy-free! We can adapt it to almost any recipe.

What motivated me to join the team in March 2021 was the pandemic. Happiness is important to me, in every aspect o f my life, and as we faced a difficult year in high school education, I jumped at the opportunity!

With my trilingualism, the expertise I have acquired over the years, and my growing mindset to explore and create new recipes, I told myself that now is the time for me to help others as a Thermomix Independent Consultant: moms and families.

Renée Henry

Thermomix Independent Consultant – Quebec (Creativité en Cuisine)

A: I am a mom of three kids aged 15, 13 and 10. The Thermomix has been part of our family for five years. It is my assistant chef to plan and prepare daily meals and snacks. I do everything healthy at home. What I like most about the Thermomix is the speed of execution and savings in time and money!

My day starts with the Thermomix; waffles, pancakes, and homemade jam for breakfast. It is often quicker to make homemade waffles with my Thermomix than to go to the grocery store and purchase them there. My kids love making breakfast!



Cookidoo gives me ideas for weekly meals and the chance to travel around the world with different tastes, while staying at home.

My favorite recipe for Mother’s Day is Chocolate Eclairs. This is a recipe I couldn’t make until I owned a Thermomix! Now, it’s quick, easy, delicious, and there isn’t a lot of cleaning to do! I love that!


The Thermomix has truly changed the way I cook. I have a very busy life so the time I save cooking is amazing! I wanted to share this with all moms to ease their daily routine and show them that cooking is no longer a chore!

I decided to join the team three years ago because I am passionate about Thermomix! I can’t live without it and wanted to help families save time and eat healthier!


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