Celebrate Canadian Flavours with Thermomix®

This Canada Day, we wanted to bring our uniquely Canadian recipes to your Thermomix® home. We proudly just launched the “O Canada new beginnings” exclusively on Cookidoo.

We embarked on a search to find Canadian flavours from East to West. We interviewed Thermomix Independent Consultants Valerie Lugonja and Carole Bidoleau, who have truly captured the essence of our Canadian heritage by creating these delicious recipes! 

Honouring our traditions and family memories is so easy now. Simply follow the guided-cooking recipes from the “O Canada” collection  to whip up our iconic Canadian Strawberry Shortcake or celebrate an age-old Quebecois tradition by preserving your garden herbs in salt. You are sure to experience our distinct regional favorites with the press of a button.

Nothing is more traditional in the prairies than a Saskatoon Berry jam. Now you can make it in your Thermomix® effortlessly. We asked Valerie to share a memory with these sweet goodies:

Saskatoon berries are a Canadian berry that spells H-O-M-E to me. Memories of foraging the wild berries during berry picking season with my grandma, mom and sister.

Grandma would busy herself making pots of jam on the wood-burning stove while mom would prepare our famous Canadian pie pastry and freeze so many delicious Saskatoon berry pies.”

Valerie adds that “Alberta beef and making homemade pies are an integral part of my Canadian food heritage as are the traditional holiday recipes and the iconic Canadian Christmas Cookie Platter.”

 Maple Custard Cream

As part of this special collection, there are recipes that include local ingredients such as Saskatoon berries and maple syrup. “The Tastes of Canada are mostly regional, as we are such a vast landscape. Maple Syrup is definitely an iconic Taste of Canada, produced primarily in Quebec but known and loved coast to coast,” says Valerie.

“These traditional recipes have been adapted to the Thermomix®; they will awaken the users' own creativity to add their very own taste according to their culture. Thermomix® is the ultimate kitchen tool to make the best traditional recipe,” says Carole.

Salted Herbs

For those of you who haven’t tried the Salted Herbs, Valerie encourages you all to try it as "it's greatest food culture discovery. It is a very old traditional recipe from Quebec that is found in every home kitchen in that region. It takes minutes to make, lasts months and adds such freshness to so many foods: soups, eggs, rice, potatoes and so much more, that this recipe is my favourite discovery within this Collection.

It can definitely be made alongside our stock paste recipes and offer a similar flavour bomb to our most basic recipes. I think it might be found in every Thermomix® kitchen across Canada in the future."

Finally, here are Valerie's recommendations for a Canada Day party to our Thermomix® inner circle :

“The Strawberry Shortcake has been recognized as the iconic Canada Day dessert by the government of Canada on their website, so this has to be it… or course, if there is an outdoor party, the Bison Burger would be the obvious main! We all know many versions of Strawberry Shortcake, but it is the biscuit, with heavy cream and a bit of sugar that makes the Canadian Strawberry Shortcake “Canadian”.

Get a taste of Canada

Discover the "O Canada New Beginnings" collection exclusively on Cookidoo here and get cooking! Tag us your delicious creations with the hashtag #ThermomixOCanada and follow the celebrations.

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Check out the full online event schedule here and cook with an expert Thermomix® Independent Consultant. Wishing our Thermomix® community a very soon HAPPY CANADA DAY!