Cook Like a Chef.

Let us show you how Thermomix® makes recipes that everyone loves to eat.

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It’s a Cooking Experience.

It’s fun, casual and most of all—delicious.

Cook with Friends.

A Cooking Experience is an interactive dinner party with Thermomix® as your chef and one of our Independent Consultants as your guide. Invite a few friends and we'll make a meal together. It’s really as simple (and tasty) as that.

Eat with Friends.

Together, we’ll prepare a menu of fresh bread, main course and dessert, made with the Thermomix® by everyone at the party, and then we’ll eat. A Cooking Experience is like a regular dinner party, but with a lot less work and a lot more yum.

Learn how simple it is to cook smart.

Your Independent Consultant will show you how Thermomix® best fits into your lifestyle and how the functions, combined with leading-edge technology, bring a whole new world of delicious, home-cooked meals to your table with ease.

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