Nut milk bag

Nut milk bag

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Not just a nut bag for making almond milk. You can do way more with a nut milk bag that’s made to fit your Thermomix® Mixing Bowl and Simmering Basket. We’re talking cheese–making, fruit–juicing, seed–soaking and veg-straining amazing!
Amazingly fresh, zero-waste, money-saving, preservative-free nut milks are just the beginning.

Easy squeezing – made to fit your Thermomix® Simmering Basket
Easy soaking – made to fit your Thermomix® Mixing Bowl. Perfect nut bags for making milk, cheeses, juices, hash browns and more.

Discover the everyday basics recipes

Zero-waste – ditch the disposable cloths and packaged nut milks, reusable and machine washable.

100% cotton drawstring nut milk bag