Thermomix® TM6™

Discover a world of infinite possibilities.

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Thermomix® TM6™— See it to believe it

Hand off your to-do list

Whether you are looking to spice up your daily meal planning or you just want to get time back with your family, the Thermomix® TM6™ is an autonomous smart device that takes tasks off your plate by handling the tedious parts of cooking for you. From meal planning to ingredient shopping, to chopping, cooking, and cleaning, the TM6™ has your back so you can seamlessly create the perfect meal, every time.

Be inspired, instantly

With Cookidoo®, Thermomix®’s robust recipe platform, you’ll feel more confident cooking outside of your comfort zone. On-screen, step-by-step directions seamlessly guide you through the entire cooking process – automatically adjusting the cook time, temperature, and speed for each step. Explore more than 60,000 recipes developed by our test kitchens and chefs around the world, all at the touch of a button.





Dedicated 1 on 1 support

Getting started with Thermomix® has never been easier. When you book a Cooking Experience, you’ll be matched with an expert Independent Consultant that will help guide you every step of the way. Our Independent Consultants are invaluable power users who are here to help you get the most out of your TM6™ by sharing personal tips and providing daily inspiration that empowers you to unlock the life-changing value of Thermomix®.

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Share your passion

Become a Thermomix® consultant and combine your passion for cooking with a purpose for building a business. The life-changing magic of Thermomix® is that it both empowers users to cook to their fullest potential and provides consultants the opportunity to turn their passion into a career. If you love mentoring others and getting creative in the kitchen, we'd love to connect with you.

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The recipe in relationships

Many of life's most important moments revolve around the creation of food. The preparation of these moments is what creates lasting memories through smells, tastes, and sounds. It's a time for people to gather together to laugh, share and receive emotional nourishment. Thermomix® is the perfect companion to create loving memories for generations of friends and families.

All The Reasons

Time Back For You

Love cooking but hate the hassle? Thermomix® takes the effort out of cooking, from ideation to completion, giving you the gift of time back.

Connected Cooking Experience

With a built-in Wi-Fi connection that syncs seamlessly, you have access to real-time recipe additions, exciting product updates, and a radically convenient kitchen appliance that evolves with you in the kitchen.

Multi-Layered Cooking

Kiss your pots and pans goodbye. With the innovative multi-layered cooking feature, you can create your entrée, side, and dessert at once. Take back your work-life balance and still get delicious homemade dishes on the table.

Everyday Utility

Whether you’re hosting an elaborate dinner party, or taking on Meatless Monday in stride, Thermomix® is there for you every day of the week, no matter the occasion.