Meet Antonio Bachour: Globally Acclaimed Pastry Chef

Meet Chef Antonio Bachour, the globally acclaimed pastry chef, owner of Bachour Miami, best-selling cookbook author, and the man behind the new “Decadent Desserts with Antonio Bachour” recipe collection, exclusively on Cookidoo®.

Chef Bachour grew up in Puerto Rico and has had a love for pastries from a young age after spending his childhood in his family’s bakery. In 2011, he was selected as one of the “Top 10 Pastry Chefs” in America and was also a finalist in the International Chef Congress Pastry Competition that same year. In 2018, Antonio was awarded the Best Pastry Chef Award by the prestigious Best Chefs Awards organization, the world’s leading culinary award platform. And in 2019, he was named Pastry Chef of the Year by Esquire magazine.

Antonio discovered the Thermomix® during his first internship in Europe 27 years ago, and he says the experience changed his life. “I think the thing that intrigued me most about using the Thermomix is the detail about the precise, of the timing, about the texture in the desserts. The Thermomix inspires me to try every day to do something different.”

Chef Bachour’s Cookidoo collection will inspire you to level up your pastry skills. The guided step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and visual tips will remove any guesswork from recreating Antonio’s exquisite desserts.

To learn more about the talented pastry chef, check out our interview with Antonio below.


What’s trending for 2021 in the world of food and desserts? Any dishes or a specific type of food you think will have a big “moment” this year?


The year 2020 was bad in most ways; however, for those who love to cook and bake, it was one of the best opportunities of their life as they could be at home and indulge in cooking delicacies. More at-home dining. Not surprisingly, we can expect tons of cooking and eating at home in 2021, whether it’s because of restricted traveling, working, and studying from home. Also, another trend will be to experiment more with cacao, and savory spreads are getting a makeover as they turn to sweet. We are using a lot of savory ingredients in desserts.


Beyond the dining out experience, which has changed dramatically over the last year, what are some other ways you see the food industry changing?


The biggest trend driving change in the food and beverage industry right now is “TRANSPARENCY.” Consumers want to know and understand what ingredients are going into their products, which is why we are seeing so many innovative products with shorter ingredient lists that you can pronounce. Consumers are seeking simplicity in addition to better quality foods.


Name 3 bold predictions for the future of cooking/baking?


Eat, drink and be healthy. Health and wellness will remain in focus this year, driving the continued acceleration of functional ingredients, plant-based foods, and desserts with less sugar and fat.


Fill in the blank: “The innovations that have changed the cooking game for me are _______.”




What is your go-to dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth?

My go-to dessert is our guava and cheese croissant….also, all kinds of creamy desserts!!!

What is your favorite dessert recipe?

My favorite dessert recipe is my lemon basil tart and the crème fraiche cheesecake.



What are your top kitchen staples (favorite kitchen utensils) you have to have on you at all times?

Thermomix of course, rubber spatula, and silicone mat.


What role, if at all, does your Puerto Rican heritage play in your recipes?


A lot!! I make a lot of desserts with tropical fruits because I grew up eating them. That influences a lot when I make a recipe.





What advice do you have for a novice chef/someone trying to recreate your recipes for the first time?

Patience and practice!! Almost all of my recipes are easy to make and they are recipes that I have designed so that you can make them from home


How do you continue to innovate in the kitchen/advance your craft?

Every day I wake up with the same passion since I started this career. I wake up every day wanting to do something new!!



What are the top 3 ingredients you always have in stock?

Chocolate, tropical fruits, and cream.

What are some of the *essential* components all of your recipes have in common?

Sugar, butter, flour, and eggs are the main ingredients in pastry!!


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